Ice Cream Cake

Each ice cream cake we create perfectly marries our wonderful gelato, sorbet, semifreddo, fresh fruit, garnishes and decorations. The result is an irresistible gelato cake that bursts with mouth-watering flavours and is as delightful to look at as it is to eat.

At Iscream we can make your perfect gelato cake to order. We offer a range of sizes, styles and flavour combinations, and whichever you choose for your bespoke ice-cream cake you can be assured that it will be freshly-made, delicious and of the highest quality.

Whether it’s for a special event or simply for your own enjoyment, a handmade gelato cake from Iscream is perfect for any occasion. You can choose from our selection in any of our stores, or let us know your requirements and we’ll create your bespoke cake ready for collection within 24 hours.

Amaretti & Coffee Cake

Amaretti & Coffee Cake Fantastic combination of amaretto parfait and espresso gelato

Classic Cake

Classic CakeChocolate and vanilla parfait for an Italian classic


Mango Cake

Mango CakeRefreshing mango sherbet and yoghurt parfait

Three Chocolate Cake

Three Chocolate CakeI-Scream signature cake with white milk and dark chocolate


Tuttifrutti Cake

Tuttifrutti CakeA light treat with strawberry mango and lemon sorbet

Wildberry Cake

Wildberry CakeYour favourite wildberries sorbet and vanilla parfait